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Wine cultivars are grown in approximately 60 official appellations in South Africa, and there are some 4000 producers in the country's winelands. This is why it's important to Blue Crane Restaurant to seek out the finest of South Africa's numerous vintners. Many wines in our private collection have won awards, the most common of which are the Veritas Award, representing the highest honour for viticultural excellence; the Michelangelo Award, judged under the rules of the Office Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV); and the Old Mutual SA Trophy Awards, for benchmark South African wines.

Ultimately when one pairs wine with food, the goal is to achieve a flavour greater than the sum of its parts. Each individual palate differs, so the rules of food and wine pairing are not hard and fast. The basic guidelines to follow are fairly logical; foods high in acidity will make your chosen wine seem richer and mellower. Sweetness in food enhances bitterness in the wine, making it seem drier. Savoury flavours heighten the tannin taste in wine, and adding a little salt will cancel this effect, enhancing the character of the wine. Choose for yourself, or feel free to ask staff to assist with prices and recommendations.
  • All wines by the glass served in the following measurement only: 180ml
  • Corkage White and Red Wines 750 ml R 65
  • Corkage White and Red Wines Magnums (1.5L) R130
  • Corkage Sparkling Wines or Champagne R 65
  • Please note corkage only allowed if your wine is not listed on our wine list.

Sommelier's Choice & Rare Finds

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